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Amazon Cloud Player a new store of your music

Amazon has introduced “Amazon Cloud Player “ along with Amazon Cloud Drive. The move to introduce this player is to lure its music service. After getting Amazon Cloud Player service which is free for up to 5GB, but you still able to increase this to 20GB if you just buy an album from Amazon Music. Isn’t it’s worth of penny?

The main features of amazon cloud player it’s can be installed in your desktop browser as well as in your android phone as amazon cloud player app. It recognizes album arts, shuffle and repeat option and give you free hand to create your own music playlist.

The Amazon Cloud Player automatically read your entire music library on your computer and upload it to cloud player. So you don’t need to do upload task. The best feature of amazon cloud player is, all the music which you have uploaded in your amazon drive music folder can be played from the player. The only drawback which I have found is the upload time, if you have large music library you may need to give cloud player at least 24 hours to upload all of local music.

Amazon Cloud Play App for Android

Amazon integrated it’s could player to Amazon Music App for android. You will only need to update your app to the latest version in order to get this player. You can set the streaming bitrate from app setting and all playlist, which you have created in desktop version will be available on your android Amazon Cloud Player.

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