Apple Removed “Activation Lock” Tool from iPhone

Apple Activation Lock Removed


Apple Removed “Activation Lock” Tool from iOS Devices


Apple removed the activation lock tool from iPhone. The activation lock tool which allows user to check ownership of iPhone has been ditched by Apple finally.

The activation lock tool allowed the user to enter IMEI of iOS number or a serial number of iOS devices to find out “Activation Lock” tool is active. The activation lock feature was best to avoid purchasing used iOS stolen devices.

The activation lock tool link from the iCloud web page has been removed and now it’s giving 404 not found page when you try to access

iCloud Activation Lock 404 page not found

Last year, there was news about one of security researcher from India found a bug in “activation lock” tool, which helped him bypass “Activation Lock” on a locked iPad.

The security researcher found a weakness in iPad running on Apple’s 10.1 OS version, which allowed him to bypassed activation lock in locked iPad. Though Apple fixed that weakness in an iOS later updates.

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