How to Fix code 80072f8f

How to Fix code 80072f8f

I have been trying to update my windows phone to latest version of windows, but every time I got “Error 80072f8f : We are Currently Unable to Check for Updates” message.

After spending some hour online, I have been able to update my windows phone without getting 80072f8f error code. Here I am going to share my method which resulted in successful windows phone update. 

What is the Problem?

The Microsoft windows phone get this error, when the phone date & time mismatch. If your current region date & time doesn’t match with purchased region date & time, windows phone get error code 80072f8f. 
How to Solve Error 80072f8f?

It’s very simple to resolve this windows phone error. You only need to disable auto update time & date via setting in your windows phone. Here is How?

1.Go to the Setting of your windows phone. 

2. Select Date + Time icon in setting option. 

3. You will see date+time set to automatically update. You should turn it off first. 

4. Now you need to set date+time as per the region date & time where you have purchased that Windows Phone.
Now just go back to the update option, you will able to update your windows phone without getting “We are currently unable to check for updates (80072f8f).

This is 100% working method which I personally used to update my two windows phone with same 80072f8f error code while trying to update.

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