Nike Metcon 3 Shoe Review

Nike Metcon 3 Shoe Review

The much anticipated Metcon 3 shoes are finally here, and it’s safe to say that they didn’t disappoint.

Those familiar with the Metcon 2’s will feel right at home wearing these shoes as they stay true to the Metcon line. This being said, the 3’s are a big step up from the previous generation, and many steps have been taken to improve upon the pitfalls of the 2’s.

The Metcon 3’s build quality is a huge improvement from the previous generation. Although the shoe may look very similar on the outside, it is clear that Nike put in a lot of work on enhancing the durability of the shoes. The shoes feel very sturdy on the foot and the thermal wrap material is back again from the 2’s, but this time in a more subtle fashion. Instead of a section of entirely thermal wrap, the 3’s rock a fused thermal wrap/mesh hybrid. This will greatly improve the strength of the shoe. Overall these shoes are very durable, yet comfortable at the same time.

Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoe Review

Another complaint about the Metcon 2’s was the fact that the shoes promoted heel slippage. Luckily, Nike integrated their new and improved Flywire lacing techniques, so this shouldn’t be an issue any longer. When properly fastened the shoes fit snugly and feel great.

Nike Metcon 3 Shoes Review

The sole of the Metcon 3 shoes features a unique triangular-webbed pattern. This design is new to this generation and was implemented in order to attain a more flexible feel while maintaining traction.

The shoe has a low ridge on the interior which provides the wearer with a stable balance. This minimal arch pairs well with the relatively narrow width the Metcon series of shoes has. Overall, these shoes are built for training, and in that regard, they are successful.

The Metcon 3 shoes are currently retailing for $130. With improved build quality, new designs and the quality research done by Nike, these shoes are a great choice for the serious athlete all the way to the casual footwear enthusiast.

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